Fundamentals of Alexander Technique - one more round

Expanding Awareness

Good news everyone!

After the surprisingly strong interest in the course last week — and with many people emailing me to say that a 44 minute window to get a spot is silly short (I agree) — I’ve decided to open up another 50 spaces on Fundamentals of Alexander Technique at the same price as before ($200).

I’ll set the email with the sign up link to go out at 3pm UK time on Monday 19th April.

(After this though I almost certainly won’t open it again until June when the course goes live properly).

What’s your reasoning Michael?

I’m doing this because I am currently designing various structures that students can participate in, like office hours, 1:1 calls, perhaps a ‘marathon’ here and there where students go through the course at the same time and I’m around for questions, and so on.

I would like to draw a clean line in my mind between it’s sales time! and it’s community building and Zoom calls time!

One small update -

Over the next two months I also plan to build out, which will be a new home for content about and adjacent to Alexander Technique, including the course.

This newsletter — currently hosted at — will become the mailing list for that website. From your perspective that doesn’t really change much, but behind the scenes I will be moving the list to ConvertKit (a mailing list platform) and you might begin to see some subtle shifts in how I frame the newsletter.

Until next time!