Alexander Technique course - time update!

Let's go with 4pm UK time since I messed up

Hi all,

Several of you have very politely pointed out that a launch at 1pm UK time (BST) is two hours earlier than the 2pm GMT that I said in my earlier email — which is a gnarly 5am for the many of you on the US West Coast. 2pm GMT should have been 3pm UK time. Sorry about that. Daylight savings, eh?

Given this — and the fact that I have a call from 3pm to 4pm on Thursday — let’s do the launch at 4pm UK time (BST) on Thursday (since it would be wise for me to be available in case something breaks.) This is 8am PT.

*If you are in Asia Pacific and this makes things unpleasant for you, please reply to this email and let me know.

In terms of mechanics, you will receive a scheduled email at or very shortly after 4pm UK time on Thursday that will contain a link with a pre-applied coupon code to discount the course to $200 down from a janky workaround price set at $1000. This is the only way I have found to get Podia, the platform I use, to define a limited number of coupons. Please do not buy the course for $1000. If you click the link and it says $1000 then the coupons have all been used (I will explain this in detail on Thursday).

Okay, until Thursday!