Alexander Technique course: round 3 launch!

Expanding Awareness

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to share that 100 spaces on the Fundamentals of Alexander Technique course are now open! This is the third round of beta testing and upgrades before I make the course available in the wild.

Reminder of what you get

📚 Lifetime course access, including all future upgrades

The course is an enhanced, much more detailed, asynchronous and better contextualised version of the framework I used in the introductory calls that I ran in mid 2020. There are no ‘live sessions’ — you do it at your leisure.

It covers many core Alexander Technique principles and guides students through a series of awareness games that give insight into the new ways of being that the Alexander Technique is about.

The idea is to act as an on-ramp for more detailed and subtle investigations, some of which the course covers, though much more are to come as I learn how to teach them in this format. Hence the name “Fundamentals of Alexander Technique”.

I recently quit a ten year career in energy innovation so that I can dive into Alexander Technique and adjacent areas in much more depth. I believe Alexander Technique has huge, world-changing potential, and this is another early step on a journey to help realise that potential.

Signing up now will get you access to all of my thinking on this subject over the years to come.

Just as a reminder: this is not (yet) a course about improving posture. It will eventually cover that, but for now it is not that.

Social proof, social proof!

And here are the ‘learning outcomes’.
By the end of this course, you will:

  • know how attention differs from awareness, and how awareness, like attention, is within your conscious control

  • experience 'expanded awareness', a state that represents a kind of present moment being, heightened authenticity and capacity for agency (it's also very pleasant)

  • see the power of the 'inner problem solver' or 'doer' to hijack your moment to moment expanded awareness 

  • experience how you may habitually try to resist the 'doer' — how you consciously 'do' and 'do nothing', as opposed to 'not do' at all

  • understand how this expanded awareness state can be used to 'inhibit' habitual responses to stimuli, allowing you to make new choices, moment by moment, in your life

  • switch on your 'primary control', your innate poise and capacity of your body to float in response to, rather than fight, gravity

  • be able to play with and apply the key concepts in your own life to respond more constructively to stimuli and, ultimately, to open yourself up to the transformation that comes with that.

👥 Lifetime community access

Soon after buying the course, you should receive an email inviting you to the community. This is a space for students to talk to each other and to me.

Longer term plans for the community include hosting regular community calls (Q&As, office hours, group workshops, guest workshops etc), testing early material and having the kind of meandering philosophical discussions that a newsletter doesn’t really allow for.

There is a small chance the automated email won’t send properly. If that happens it will take my some time to manually add everyone to the community, but I will do it asap if this system breaks.

How to buy


  • This will take you to the course page with a coupon already applied to let you buy for $200.

  • Once purchased, you will receive an email from Podia asking you to set a password. Please make sure you tick “receive marketing messages from Michael Ashcroft” at this point so that I can email you updates.

    You will see that the coupon applies an $800 discount from the list price of $1000. That is not the real price, that is a workaround that lets me use coupons to limit numbers. Please do not buy the course for $1000 (though if you accidentally do I will refund you).

    If you click the link and it doesn’t apply a discount, then the coupons have probably all been used and the course has sold out. Last time 50 spaces sold out in 90 minutes, that’s why I’m increasing to 100 this time. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m ‘manufacturing scarcity', but I do want to constrain numbers for testing.

    I don’t expect it will sell out that quickly, but I said that the last two times as well, so 🤷‍♂️

For those who aren’t buying!

Cool! That’s fine too.

I realise I have been slightly over-indexing on course chat in this newsletter, but please stick around. I have plans to create a new online home for all my Alexander Technique explorations at, and will roll this newsletter into that. I will be writing and sharing a lot.

Okay that will do. Until next time, and see some of you on the inside!


Thanks for reading this far! If anything here resonated with you then please hit reply and let me know.

By the way, I also write articles on my website and run another newsletter called Thinking Out Loud. That’s where I write about stuff like building in public, Total Work, solarpunk, carbon removal, sense-making, building communities, creating positive narratives for the future, identity and various other things. I invite you to check them out.