Alexander Technique course opens on Thursday!

And my vision for this whole endeavour

Hello everyone!

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks as I’ve adjusted to self-employed life and moved in with my girlfriend. Big changes of this nature tend to throw my systems out of whack for a while, but I’m pleased to say that everything is coming back online — including creative output.

So first things first: I’m opening the Fundamentals of Alexander Technique course for the third time as part of the ‘beta testing phase’ at 1pm UK time on Thursday 8th April.

After this final round of feedback and edits, I will open it for general purchase — with a landing page and everything — and at a higher price. I hope to launch fully by summer, but don’t have a firm date.

There will be 100 spaces available priced at 200 USD each. This will include both access to the community as well as lifetime access to future upgrades to the course — and there will be many.

As in the last two rounds I’m limiting spots so that I can focus on getting to know people and gathering feedback for future improvement. I will likely also invite students to do some 1:1 calls / workshops with me to troubleshoot any issues that come up around understanding the content and to go deeper into the next wave of material.

I want to talk about that lifetime access point, because it points to my long term commitment to this course and my wider vision for my Alexander Technique work. Whatever I add to this course you will have access to.

I’m going to be a little vulnerable here and share a screenshot from my “Michael’s vision” page in Roam. This is from what I call ‘100x world’, which is today scaled up in ambition by 100x — that’s why it’s written in the present tense and designed to sound audacious.

And, for completeness, this is how I think it might relate to everything else that I’m about:

This course will be one major part of an online world I plan to build that explores areas where Alexander Technique ideas are likely to apply, things like psychology, body mechanics, spirituality, education, habit change, performance, philosophy, social dynamics, dance, improvisation, emotions, undoing trauma, civilisational advancement and more I’m sure.

If I end up making new, separate courses in any AT inspired domains then I’ll give existing students of this course a discount and you’ll hear about them first.

Why am I sharing all this in what is effectively a sales email?

Because I want to acknowledge, to both you and me, that I am not messing around. I genuinely believe that Alexander Technique has unique and transformational value to offer the world and from multiple interesting perspectives. I’m so excited to figure out how to scale this up and I’m so grateful to everyone who has shown support of any kind until now and into the future.

With that, I wanted to share a sneak preview of what’s inside. This is one of the videos I have recorded in the new place. I’ve not replaced all the videos in the course (some of the old ones are good!), but this is illustrative of the kind of quality I’ll be making from now on as I get better at video production.

See you on Thursday!