A most prosaic course update | Expanding Awareness

Are "for tax purposes" not the most interesting words in the English language?

Hello everyone,

This is a quick update for those interested in the re-launch of my Alexander Technique online course.

I’ve decided to push back the launch by about three weeks to Thursday 8 April (2pm GMT again).

Why? Is something wrong?

No. It’s for tax purposes.

The next tax year in the UK starts on 6 April and I’ve realised that it would be a good thing to set up a very grown up limited company and defer new revenues into a tax year where I haven’t already used up my lower marginal tax rates from a corporate salary. The joy of being self-employed with an uncertain and highly lumpy income!

Sorry to anyone who was excited for the launch this weekend! I hope you’ll hang on another three weeks.

And, of course, I’ll be writing in the meantime!


Here is a stock photo I found when I searched for “tax”. It’s captioned as “Accountant businessman working in office having a stress.”

I hope that most people do not have a stress when it comes to tax. Maybe tax can be fun! I will see if I can avoid having a stress.