🚀 Alexander Technique course open!

Expanding Awareness #14

Hello everyone,

It’s here! I’m excited to share that 50 spaces on my Alexander Technique online course are available for purchase. 🎉 🥳

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

What you get

📚 Lifetime course access, including all future upgrades

The course is an enhanced, asynchronous and better contextualised version of the framework I used in the introductory calls that I ran in mid 2020. It covers some core Alexander Technique principles and guides students through a series of awareness games that give insight into the new ways of being that the Alexander Technique is about.

The idea is to act as an on-ramp for more detailed and subtle investigations, some of which the course covers, though much more are to come as I learn how to teach them in this format. Hence the name “Fundamentals of Alexander Technique”.

As I’ve recently shared, I just quit a ten year career in energy innovation so that I can dive into Alexander Technique in much more depth. I believe Alexander Technique has huge, world-changing potential, and this is another very early step on a journey to help realise that potential.

Signing up now will get you access to all of my thinking on this subject over the years to come.

Just as a reminder: this is not (yet) a course about improving posture. It will eventually cover that, but for now it is not that.

👥 Lifetime community access

Within 15 minutes of buying the course, you’ll receive an email inviting you to the community. This is a space for students to talk to each other and to me.

Longer term plans for the community include hosting regular community calls (Q&As, group workshops, guest workshops etc), testing early material and having the kind of meandering philosophical discussions that a newsletter doesn’t really allow for.

Purchasing instructions

Please read carefully so you don’t accidentally pay me $1000.

  • Navigate to this page

  • Click “buy for $1000” — don’t worry, it won’t charge you. It’s set to $1000 to let me constrain numbers using a coupon, this is not the actual price 🙂

  • Enter your email address, accept the terms and conditions and hit continue

  • BEFORE entering your card details, click the text that says “have a coupon?”, enter ‘GROUP2’ (without the inverted commas) and then click ‘Apply’. This will reduce the price by $875, taking it to $125.

  • If you see an option to ‘receive marketing materials’, please make sure it is ticked so that I can email you with updates after purchase.

By the way, the price will increase to $200 next time I open the course in early March following a substantial refresh. My intention is for the final price to settle at somewhere around “a handful of traditional AT lessons”. Each launch is an incremental step towards that as quality improves.

As with the first group this coupon will work 50 times. After that it will simply not work. Unfortunately Podia, the course platform I use, doesn’t give an alert like “this coupon is no longer available”.

I’m limiting it to 50 spaces as I’m still in build mode and I want to be able to focus on acting on feedback and getting to know people.

What happens next?

If, as happened last time for some folks, it sells out before you can buy then I apologise in advance.

I’m not trying to ‘manufacture scarcity’ or anything growth hacky like that, I just want to give space to engage with everyone, act on feedback and nurture a community culture while I’m building what still feels like a beta version of the course. That’s easier to do with constrained groups. If you miss it then I sincerely hope you’ll stick around for the next release in March.

Otherwise, Expanding Awareness will continue with a much increased publication frequency from February when I will be self-employed. I’ll always keep Expanding Awareness as a free newsletter for anyone who will never want to buy a course, but is interested in the subject.

That’s all from me! As with last time I launched, this is terrifying, but here’s to hitting publish anyway. 🍻

Until next time, and see some of you in the community!


Thanks for reading this far! If anything here resonated with you then please hit reply and let me know.

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